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Professional Certification-Teacher – Teaching

Candidates for the Professional Certification-Teacher must meet the following requirements:

  • Complete provisional status as a teacher in a public school pursuant to RCW 28A.405.220 or the equivalent in a state board of education approved private school.
  • Complete an approved Professional Certification-Teacher program which has been collaboratively developed by the college/University and the respective Professional Education Advisory Board (PEAB).
  • Demonstrate competency in three standards (i.e., Effective Teaching, Professional Development, and Professional Contributions) and the 12 criteria relevant to the three standards.
  • Complete the child abuse coursework requirement.

The Professional Certification-Teacher at CWU is comprised of 15 quarter credits over three sections:

ECTL 601: Pro. Cert. Pre-Assessment Seminar (4 quarter credits)
Candidates attending this seminar will review standards and criteria for professional certification and, with guidance from their district and University team members, identify evidence/indicators to meet each criterion using the common Professional Growth Plan format. The Pre-Assessment Seminar will culminate with the approval of the Professional Growth Plan by the Professional Growth Team.

Professional Growth Core (9 quarter credits)
The core of the Professional Growth Plan will differ depending on individual professional development needs of candidates. Candidates may choose to: Enroll in college courses for credit; Enroll in professional development courses. These courses may involve attending workshops and/or conferences, participating in district inservice and staff development activities, completing independent research projects or internships, or other activities as recommended by the Professional Growth Team; or Combine college courses and professional development courses in order to successfully meet program criteria.

ECTL 609: Pro. Cert. Culminating Seminar (2 quarter credits)
Evidence for each of the Professional Certification-Teacher criteria will constitute a portfolio, which will be submitted in electronic and paper formats to the Professional Growth Team for evaluation prior to the culminating seminar. Candidates attending this seminar will present final documentation and evidence of Professional Certification-Teacher level knowledge, skill, and performance. The professional growth team will evaluate the portfolio relative to the requirements of the Professional Certification-Teacher and, if the portfolio meets all criteria, make a recommendation for Professional Certification to the CWU Teacher Certification Office.

Prefix / Course Number Course Title Credits
Required Courses  
ECTL 601 Professional Certification-Teacher: Pre-Assessment Seminar 4
ECTL 609 Professional Certification-Teacher: Culminating Seminar 2
Total Required Coures 6
Elective Courses
  Professional Growth Core 9
ECTL 603 Gathering and Evaluating Quality Evidence 2
Total Program Credits 15

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