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Master of Arts for Teachers: Mathematics

The Master of Arts for mathematics teaching program has been structured mainly for middle school and high-school mathematics teachers. It also may prepare a student for community college teaching and for advanced study in mathematics education. Sequencing of the required coursework is minimal and makes it possible in most cases to complete all the requirements for the degree in three consecutive summer sessions.

Admission Requirements: In addition to general regulations for admission to master"s programs, the department prefers that a student has earned a baccalaureate degree with a major in mathematics or equivalent from an accredited college or university. A student with a baccalaureate degree with a major other than mathematics may be admitted to the graduate program upon the recommendation and permission of the chair of the mathematics department. Any deficiencies for regular admission must be removed during the first year of graduate study.

Applicants should have one year of teaching experience certified by an appropriate school official.

Prefix / Course Number Course Title Credits
Required Courses  
Required Foundations and Research Courses under Professional Core 10
MATH 505 Proof Writing 1
MATH 506 Technology for Teaching Mathematics 1
MATH 523 Math Methods for Jr. High School 2
MATH 524 Math Methods for High School 2
MATH 530 Mathematical Recreation 3
MATH 550 Transformational Geometry 3
MATH 562 Modern Algebra for Teachers 3
MATH 566 Matrices and Their Applications 3
MATH 570 Calculus for Secondary Teachers 3
MATH 572 Elementary Real Analysis 3
MATH 700 Master"s Thesis, Project Study, and/or Examination* 3-6
Total Required Credits 37-40
Elective Courses
Committee approved electives 10-12
Total Credits Mathematics Program 46
*A written report, field study or other project, or a formal research problem in mathematics or mathematics education which results in a thesis based upon the student"s goals, in close consultation with the student"s graduate committee.
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