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Health and Physical Education, M.S. – Advanced Teaching Degree

The Master of Science in Health and Physical Education offers an on-line program focused on the types of knowledge and skills that will enhance one´s effectiveness as a teacher of physical and health education. In addition to general university requirements for admission to the graduate school, full admission to the graduate program in Health and Physical Education requires an undergraduate degree with a major in the student's desired area of study.

Students are required to attend two, two-week intensive sessions during two consecutive summers. Each two-week intensive session includes two, 3 credit graduate level classes. Students are also required to enroll and successfully complete 6 credits of online graduate coursework each quarter of the two year program.

Prefix / Course Number Course Title Credits
Required Courses  
HPE 510 Issues in Health and Physical Education 3
HPE 557 Research Methods and Design in Health and Physical Education 4
HPE 560 Statistical Applications in Health and Physical Education 4
HHPN 700 Master´s Thesis, Project Study, and/or Examination 6
Total Required Credits
Elective Courses
  Advisor approved electives 14-24
  Electives in related disciplines 5-18
HHPN 595 Graduate Research 1-6
HPE 577 Physical Education Curriculum Design 3
HPE 578 Physical Education Program Promotion 3
HPE 579 Supervision of Student Teachers in Physical Education 3
HPE 580 Physical Education Grant Writing and Fundraising 3
HPE 581 Technological Applications in Health and Physical Education 3
PE 540 Socio-Psychological Dimensions of Sport 3
PE 560 Systematic Analysis of Teaching Physical Education 3
PE 561 Curricular Trends in Physical Education 3
PE 599 Seminars in Physical Education 3
  Total Elective Credits: 28
  Total Credits Health and Physical Education Program 45

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