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CDMS (Initial Level)

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Comprehensive Data Management System (CDMS) — The Next Generation

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CTL Core Class and Standard Alignment
Student Teaching & WTPA
Central Washington University, Office of Research, Evaluation, and Assessment (OREA) has designed a new relational database that focuses on individual students as they progress academically from a high school student to teacher. Currently in desktop version, the CDMS has over 5,600 candidate records. After we receive feedback from faculty and administrators during the Fall Quarter of 2012, we plan to place the CDMS within a new enterprise system being developed by the University’s new Organizational Effectiveness Unit. This work has been supported by the University at the highest levels, because of the comprehensive aggregate analyses we have, to date produced, which demonstrates CWU’s effectiveness in preparing the next generation of high quality teachers for our State’s and Nation’s workforce.

National and Washington State policymakers have called for fundamental changes to the system of educator preparation The OREA plans to conduct research on teacher effectiveness now that we have a good sized and growing data set and because Teacher Education is being challenged by the public for greater efficacy of its research, accountability, and reporting. Our first challenge to meet these increased demands is to ensure greater validity of our measurements and transparency of our results. Central Washington University in partnership with The Professional Educators Standards Board and the Washington Association of Colleges of Teacher Education have designed a taxonomy that will guide one portion of our data efforts. The partnership expects every preparation program in the State to have its own system for collecting and reporting candidate records. To ensure output comparability, the partnership will need all state programs to produce identical data inputs, both in the use of definitions and in the structural variables to be evaluated. The result of this work thus far, has been the design and implementation of a PESB annual Completer Table.

In preparation for the required Completer Table assignment, OREA has designed the new CDMS to furnish accurate and efficient internal and external data reporting. While the OREA staff and CTL faculty have successfully used a well-designed standards-based assessment system that reports aggregate candidate performances on State Tests and through LiveText for program preparation, the faculty have urged us in their annual reports to design a system that is user friendly and candidate based. Therefore, the new system now relates baseline candidates’ performances before they enter our program, examine changes as they progress through our program, and associate what they learned - to what they do - during their careers as teachers. In addition, we are discovering the means necessary to access standardized exams scores of the students they teach. The CDMS will help us provide clearer evidence of what experiences result in better P-12 student learning.

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