New! B.A. English Online: Professional and Creative Writing Major.

Our Professional and Creative Writing Major can now be completed completely online.

We live in an increasingly technological world that is ever more dependent on evolving and expanding forms of communication. Our writing program is designed to prepare students for success in this environment. It combines the rigor of creative writing in poetry, fiction, creative nonfiction, playwriting, and screenwriting with the practical elements of professional and technical writing and editing. The major’s interdisciplinary range allows students to shape their major with courses that best suit their interests and goals using classes offered by English, Communication, and other programs.

Students in the program gain an in-depth understanding of multiple genres. They learn how to give helpful, good-spirited feedback to fellow writers. In practicums and internships, they gain valuable experience writing, creating websites, and editing for companies, government offices, and organizations.

Applying for and beginning the major:

Meet with our Online Professional and Creative Writing Major advisor to apply for the major and plan your program. Plan to take ENG 263, ENG 302, and ENG 303 early in your program because they are pre-requisites for many upper-division literature and writing courses. Take ENG 320 (English Grammar) early in your program.

Transfer students planning may be able to transfer an Introduction to Creative Writing course that will substitute for ENG 263, and 200-level Communication courses comparable to those listed in our Professional Writing and Editing strand.

Course of Study and Two-Year Schedule

The Online Professional and Creative Writing Major can be completed in two years. See below for planned course offerings. The schedule is subject to change, so please check this site regularly. For courses offered by other departments, check with the originating department for scheduled offerings

Required Courses (32 credits)

Required Courses2015-20162016-2017
+ ENG 263 Intro to Creative Writing (5) Fall * Spr Sum Fall * Spr *
+ ENG 301 Intro to Professional Writing (5) Win * Sum Win *
+ ENG 302 Poetry and Poetics (5) Fall * Fall
+ ENG 303 Principles of Eng. Studies (5) Fall * Fall
+ ENG 320 English Grammar (5) Spr Sum Win *
+ ENG 323 Writing & Editing for Publ. (5) Fall * Fall *
+ ENG 489 Senior Colloquium (2) Win *Spr * Win *Spr *
    * Section reserved for Online Professional and Creative Writing majors

Writing Courses (27 credits)

Select 27 credits from a combination of creative writing, professional writing and editing, and practicum courses, including a minimum of 2 practicum credits. Note: For courses in other departments, you may need to check with that department for scheduled offerings.

Creative Writing Electives2015-20162016-2017
+ COM/ENG 267 Screenwriting Fundamentals (4)
+ ENG 364 Fiction Writing (5) Win * Fall *
+ ENG 365 Poetry Writing (5) Win *
+ ENG 366 Creative Nonfiction Writing (5) Fall * Spr *
+ ENG 464 Advanced Fiction Writing (5) Win *
+ ENG 465 Advanced Poetry Writing (5) Win * Spr *
+ ENG 466 Advanced Creative Nonfiction (5) Fall *
+ ENG 468 Contemporary Writer's Colloquium (5) Spr * Spr *
    * Section reserved for Online Professional and Creative Writing majors
Professional Writing and Editing Electives2015-20162016-2017
+ ENG 310 Technical Writing (4) Fall Win Spr Fall Win Spr
+ ENG 312 Research Methods for Workplace Writers (5) Spr *
+ ENG 404 Advanced Technical Writing (5) Win Win
ENG 472 Workplace Writers Research Methods (5)
    * Section reserved for Online Professional and Creative Writing majors
Practicum Courses (min. 2 credits)2015-20162016-2017
+ ENG 493 Online Writing Practicum (3) Spr *
    * Section reserved for Online Professional and Creative Writing majors

Literature, Language, and Film Courses (15 credits)

Select 15 credits of literature, language, and film courses at or above the 300 level. No more than 5 credits of film studies courses may be counted as elective credits in the Professional and Creative Writing Major.

Literature Electives2015-20162016-2017
+ ENG 331 Latina/o Literature (5) Spr
+ ENG 347 Global Perspectives in Literature (5) Fall Sum Win
+ ENG 373 Literature & History III (5*)
+ ENG 417 Critical Studies in World Literature (5*) Win *
+ ENG 453 Studies in Fiction (5*) Fall * Fall *
    * Section reserved for Online Professional and Creative Writing majors

Total: 74 credits