English Language & Literature Major

Our program gives you broad and diverse experience in American, British, and World literatures. You will develop close reading strategies, including historical, formal, and cultural approaches, and you will gain practical grounding in writing, research, and analytical skills valuable for many careers. You will hone your critical thinking abilities through interpretation and analysis of literary texts, and you will deepen your understanding of human experience through readings from diverse cultures and historical periods. Small classes allow you to participate fully and receive rich feedback from your professors.

Before you declare the major:

Complete your general education Composition and Literature requirements. These are not pre-requisites, but we strongly recommended them as preparation. Community college students planning to transfer to CWU can take equivalent courses. Please note: Completing these courses does not guarantee admission to Central Washington University or to the degree program.

  • ENG 101 Composition I: Critical Reading and Responding (4)
  • ENG 102 Composition II: Reasoning and Research (4)
  • ENG 105 The Literary Imagination (5) or ENG 247 Multicultural Literature (5)

Explore. General Education gives you the opportunity to explore different disciplines and develop essential skills. A broad education will help you as a major and in your career. In English Studies, we use interdisciplinary methods, drawing on history, philosophy, psychology, and other disciplines. In choosing a career, interest in another discipline can help you determine how you will apply the skills you will develop in the English major.

Applying for and beginning the major:

Meet with our English Language and Literature advisor to apply for the major. Plan to take ENG 302 and ENG 303 your first quarter because they are pre-requisites for most upper-division literature courses. Take ENG 320 (English Grammar) early in your program because it will help you with written assignments.

Course of Study and Two-Year Schedule

The English Language and Literature Major can be completed in two years. See below for planned course offerings. The schedule is subject to change, so please check this site regularly.

Required Courses (22 credits)

Required Courses2014-20152015-2016
+ ENG 302 Poetry and Poetics (5) Fall Win. Spr. Fall Win. Spr.
+ ENG 303 Principles of Eng. Studies (5) Fall Win. Spr. Fall Win. Spr.
+ ENG 320 English Grammar (5) Fall Win. Spr. Fall Win. Spr.
+ ENG 363 Shakespeare (5*) Win. Spr. Win. Spr.
+ ENG 489 Senior Colloquium (2) Fall Win. Spr. Fall Win. Spr.

Select one Language course (5 credits)

+ ENG 304 English Linguistics (5) Fall Spr.
+ ENG 423 History of the Language (5)

Select two Literature & History courses (10 credits)

+ ENG 371 Literature & History I (5*)
+ ENG 372 Literature & History II (5*) Fall
+ ENG 373 Literature & History III (5*) Fall
+ ENG 374 Literature & History IV (5*) Spr.
    *May be repeated for credit under different subtitle

Select two Literary Forms courses (10 credits)

+ ENG/TH 380 Studies in Drama (5*)
+ ENG 453 Studies in Fiction (5*) Fall Win. Win.
+ ENG 454 Studies in Nonfiction (5*) Fall
+ ENG 455 Studies in Poetry (5*)
    *May be repeated for credit under different subtitle

Select two Literature & Culture courses (10 credits)

+ ENG 330 African American Literature (5) Spr.
+ ENG 331 Latina/o Literature (5) Spr.
+ ENG 332 American Indian Literature (5) Win.
+ ENG 333 Asian American Literature (5) Fall
+ ENG 334 American Indian Oral and Nonfiction Literature (5) Win.
+ ENG 335 Women's Literature (5) Fall

Select one Critical Studies course (5 credits)

+ ENG 415 Critical Studies in American Literature (5*) Spr. Spr.
+ ENG 417 Critical Studies in World Literature (5*) Win. Win.
+ ENG 419 Critical Studies in British Literature (5*) Fall Fall
    *May be repeated for credit under different subtitle

Select ten credits of electives (10 credits)

Electives can include additional courses from any of the strands, or you may select courses from the list below. Note: No more than 5 credits of film studies courses may be counted toward the major.
+ ENG 301 Intro to Professional Writing (5) Fall Win. Sum. Fall Win.
+ ENG 344 Film Theory & Criticism (5) Win. Win.
+ ENG 347 Global Perspectives in Literature (5) Fall Spr. Fall Spr.
+ COM/ENG 353 History of Narrative Film (4)
+ COM/ENG 355 History of Documentary (Var)
+ ENG 360 World Cinema (5) Fall
+ ENG 364 Fiction Writing (5) Win. Fall Win.
+ ENG 365 Poetry Writing (5) Fall
+ ENG 366 Creative Nonfiction Writing (5) Fall Spr. Spr.
+ ENG 368 Multi-Genre Writing Workshop (5)
+ ENG 418 Literary and Critical Theory (5)
+ ENG 432 Phonetics and Phonology (5) Fall Fall
+ ENG 435 Linguistics, Literature, and TESOL (5)
+ ENG 437 Pedagogical Grammar & Discourse (5) Fall
+ ENG 461 Studies in Film & Culture (5*) Fall
+ ENG 462 Studies in Film and Television Genres (5*)
+ ENG 463 Studies in the Film Auteur (5*) Spr.
+ ENG 464 Advanced Fiction Writing (5) Spr. Win. Spr.
+ ENG 465 Advanced Poetry Writing (5) Win. Win.
+ ENG 466 Advanced Creative Nonfiction (5)
ENG 490 Cooperative Education (Internship) (Var)

Total: 72 credits

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