English/Language Arts Teaching Major

The English/Language Arts Teaching Major, in combination with the Professional Education Program, prepares you for a teaching career at the middle school, junior high, and high school levels. Our program blends knowledge of English Studies with methods of teaching Language Arts, including courses on teaching multicultural literature, young adult literature, and writing.

Before you declare the major:

Complete your general education Composition and Literature requirements. These courses are not pre-requisites, but we strongly recommended them as preparation. Community college students planning to transfer to CWU can take equivalent courses.

  • ENG 101 Composition I: Critical Reading and Responding (4)
  • ENG 102 Composition II: Reasoning and Research (4)
  • ENG 105 The Literary Imagination (5) or ENG 247 Multicultural Literature (5)

Please note: Completing these courses does not guarantee admission to Central Washington University or to the degree program.

Applying for the major:

Meet with our English/Language Arts Teaching advisor, Dr. Bobby Cummings, to apply for the major and develop a plan for completing your program. You will also need to obtain a signature from the Chair of the Educational Foundations and Curriculum department.

Completing the English/Language Arts Teaching Major

Since the English/Language Arts Teaching Major and the Professional Education Program require a combined 120 credits, you will likely need more than two years to complete the program.

Take these courses
early in your program:
  • ENG 302 Poetry and Poetics
  • ENG 303 Principles of English Studies
  • ENG 222 Multicultural Literature for Teachers

Take these courses near
the end of your program,
prior to student teaching:
  • ENG 422 Teaching Young Adult Literature
  • ENG 430 Teaching Writing in the Secondary School
  • ENG 488 Teaching Portfolio
  • ENG 492 Practicum

English 422, 430, and 492 are required prior to student teaching. English 430 and 492 must be taken concurrently. All other major requirements must be completed before or be completed concurrently with enrollment in ENG 488. Enrollment in ENG 488 is by permission.

Two-year Schedule

Required Courses (45 credits)

Required Courses (45 credits)2016-20172017-2018
+ ENG 222 Multicultural Literature for Teachers (5) Spr Spr
+ ENG 302 Poetry and Poetics (5) Fall Win Spr Fall Win Spr
+ ENG 303 Principles of Eng. Studies (5) Fall Win Spr Fall Win Spr
+ ENG 304 English Linguistics (5) Fall Spr Fall Win
+ ENG 320 English Grammar (5) Fall Win Spr Fall Win Spr
+ ENG 363 Shakespeare (5*) Win Spr Win Spr
+ ENG 422 Teaching Young Adult Literature (5) Fall Fall
+ ENG 430 Teach. Writing Secondary School (5) Fall Win Win
+ ENG 488 Teaching Portfolio (2) Fall Win Win
+ ENG 492 Practicum (3) Fall Win Win

Select two Literature & History courses (10 credits)

Literature & History Courses (10 credits required)2016-20172017-2018
+ ENG 371 Literature & History I (5*) Spr
+ ENG 372 Literature & History II (5*) Fall Win Fall
+ ENG 373 Literature & History III (5*) Win
+ ENG 374 Literature & History IV (5*) Spr Spr
    *May be repeated for credit under different subtitle

Select one Literary Forms course (5 credits)

Literary Forms Course (5 credits required)2016-20172017-2018
+ ENG/TH 380 Studies in Drama (5*)
+ ENG 453 Studies in Fiction (5*) Win Spr Spr
+ ENG 454 Studies in Nonfiction (5*) Fall
+ ENG 455 Studies in Poetry (5*)
    *May be repeated for credit under different subtitle

Select one Writing course (5 credits)

Creative Writing Course (5 credits required)2016-20172017-2018
+ ENG 263 Intro to Creative Writing (5) Fall Win Sum Fall Win Spr
+ ENG 364 Fiction Writing (5) Win Win
+ ENG 365 Poetry Writing (5) Fall Fall
+ ENG 366 Creative Nonfiction Writing (5) Spr Spr

Select one Critical Studies course (5 credits)

Critical Studies Course (5 credits required)2016-20172017-2018
+ ENG 415 Critical Studies in American Literature (5*) Spr Spr
+ ENG 417 Critical Studies in World Literature (5*) Win Win
+ ENG 419 Critical Studies in British Literature (5*) Fall Fall
    *May be repeated for credit under different subtitle

Total: 70 credits