Linguistics Minor

The Linguistics Minor allows students to gain a broader understanding of language and language acquisition. It draws on multiple disciplines and complements a wide range of majors.

Two-year Schedule

Required Courses (10 credits)

Required Courses2016-20172017-2018
+ ENG 304 English Linguistics (5) Fall Spr Fall Spr
+ ENG 320 English Grammar (5) Fall Win Spr Sum Fall Win Spr

Select one of the following (5 credits)

+ ENG 432 Phonetics and Phonology (5) Fall Fall
+ ENG 437 Pedagogical Grammar & Discourse (5) Fall Fall

Select ten credits of approved electives (10 credits)

Note: For courses offered by other departments, please check with the home department to confirm when the course will be offered

Elective Courses2016-20172017-2018
ANTH/ENG 180 Introduction to Linguistics (5)
COM 302 Intercultural Communication (4)
ANTH 381 Language in Culture (4)
ANTH 382 Descriptive Linguistics (4)
ANTH/WS 384 Language and Gender (4)
+ ENG 423 History of the Language (5) Spr
EDBL 433 Educational Linguistics (3)
+ ENG 435 Linguistics, Literature, and TESOL (5) Spr Spr
EDBL 438 Teaching English as a Second Language (3)
EDBL 440 Development of Literacy with Linguistically Diverse Students (3)
FNLA 481 Methods and Materials for Language Teaching (4)
FNLA 482 Foreign and Second Language Acquisition (4)
FNLA/ANTH 483 Sociolinguistics (4)

Total credits: 25

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