Cleaning up your Windows Startup

Many of our computers (at the office and at home) have too many processes running in the “background” for the computer to run efficiently.
I like to have my computer running as best it can without all the extra junk causing it to run slower.
On our office systems the ITS folks install a standard set of programs, many of which are not necessary for most of us.
We all need to have the standard Windows and Office programs but most of us do not need to have
IPOD, ITUNES and Adobe management tools running every time we start our PC.
The screenshots below are the typical things I do to cleanup a computer’s startup to enable it to perform better.
I click on the Start button then click the Run button.
Then type in msconfig at the prompt. (Continued below second picture)
Startup Cleanup image 1
 Startup Cleanup image 2

I then click on the Startup tab to check for the green checkmarks next to anything labeled “Adobe” or “Reader_sl” or “ITunes” or “Apple” … see pictures below for items highlighted.
None of the highlighted items need to be running on our office, lecture or lab room systems here.
Startup Cleanup image 3
Startup cleanup image 4

I then remove the checkmark from those items to they will no longer start every time I start my computer.
Startup Cleanup image 5