? Remote Desktop Setup for NMR_Linux


On NMR PC add /usr/bin/X11 to PATH in .bashrc


Export PATH

On Windows PC, install Xming and putty then

Start  the Xlaunch program (C:\Program Files\Xming\xlaunch.exe)

Select “One Window”, then click Next (keyboard may not work if this is not selected)

Select “Start a Program”, then click Next

Select “Using PuTTy” and enter bruker05.chemistry.cwu.edu for the “Connect to Computer”

And enter your username and password (for the NMR computer) and click Next

Click Next (no need to enter parameters)

On the following screen you can Save configuration (ensuring the file has the .xlaunch extension).
This will keep all the above information so you can then start the remote session from the saved configuration file.

Click Finish.

On future connections you can start the XLAUNCH program or use the Saved Configuration XLAUNCH file (from previous step).

You should then see a Linux “shell screen” with your NMR system prompt.

If nothing appears on your screen, you may need to restart  the XLAUNCH program and use “Display Number1 (not 0).

Enter startkde & (to start the X Windows)