Note: If you have images on your poster (jpeg, gif), you should ensure the original is of a high resolution or they will pixelate as they are scaled up.
Most people use PowerPoint to create posters.  You can print from PowerPoint or Publisher or Adobe PDF.  If you did not specify a Page Size for your document (leaving it at the Default size of 7.5x10 inches) the text and images will usually be scaled up appropriately. 
If you have specified an “odd” size (not 36x48 (Arch E)) then you may need to check the Print Server Properties prior to printing to see if your poster size is specified or create a new form with your poster dimensions.

*Note: A custom size poster can be printed – see page 41 in the Printer User’s Guide. If you create a custom size, please name it with the dimensions (ex. 36x56) so others have the option.  Do not use a person’s name.

Here's a link to my guide for setting up a Custom Form size: (Ctrl-Click to follow link)


To Print from PowerPoint:


1.       File > Print > Name > HP Designjet Z2100 44in Photo PCL3

2.       Properties > Paper/Quality > Paper Options > Document Size: > More > Arch E (for 36”x48”), or choose other listed size> OK

3.       Paper Source > Roll

4.       Paper Type > Coated paper (for draft) or Heavyweight Coated Paper

      (for final).  See whiteboard above printer to see what is loaded.
Important -See page 10 in the Quick Reference Guide to change paper.

5.       Select Page Orientation – normally Landscape

6.       Print Quality > Standard Option > for draft slide to speed, for final use quality.

7.       Select Advanced tab to ensure the


  –Image Color Management is set to

    –ICM Method: ICM Handled by Printer

Designjet Advanced Properties image


8.       Check for error messages near the ‘help’ button at bottom.  For errors, follow instructions by clicking on the links

9.   Press OK to leave Printer Properties

10.    If you did not specify a Page Size then check Scale to Fit box

11.    Press OK to print


To Create and Print an Adobe pdf File:

12.    With PowerPoint file open, click on this adobe icon at top of screen, >

13.    After conversion, save the pdf file, then open the pdf file

14.    File > Print > Name > HP Designjet Z2100

15.    Page Scaling > Fit to Printer Margins

16.    Follow #3 through #10 above to set up Printer Properties.



Need Help – Check with Don


If you see an error when the document is printing, press cancel (red x)
on the printer rather than canceling on the computer – is much faster.