To join the discussion list: SUBSCRIBE AUTOCAT <your name>;

(N.B.: Do not add your name or e-mail address to the UNSUBSCRIBE or SIGNOFF command).

* SET <mail distribution option> Commands:
SET AUTOCAT MAIL - to receive individual mail messages as they are posted to the list (default setting).
SET AUTOCAT NOMAIL - to stop list mail from being delivered to your address; to resume mail, issue the SET AUTOCAT MOMAIL command.
SET AUTOCAT DIGEST- to receive daily digests of all messages posted to the list (1750 line limit).
SET AUTOCAT INDEX- to receive daily index summaries of mail posted to the list.
* NOTE about SET Options: You can only SET one mail distribution option at a time. You have to choose one option that best suits your needs at a given time. If you were set to DIGEST or INDEX and then set NOMAIL, sending the command SET AUTOCAT MAIL will cause your mail distribution to revert to the previous setting.

Some other commands that you might use from time to time:

QUERY AUTOCAT - Displays your mail distribution option settings (i.e., whether or not you are set to "digest", or "nomail", et al.); will also tell you whether or not you are subscribed to the list FROM THE ADDRESS FROM WHICH YOUR COMMAND WAS SENT.

INDEX AUTOCAT - Causes LISTSERV to send you a list of all notebooks and other files in the AUTOCAT archives.

SET AUTOCAT REPRO/NOREPRO - Governs whether or not LISTSERV distributes a copy of each of your own messages to you as part of the AUTOCAT distribution. REPRO is the default setting. If you do NOT want to receive copies of your own messages send LISTSERV the SET AUTOCAT NOREPRO command.

SET AUTOCAT SUBJecthdr - Will cause the abbreviation for the listname, ACAT, to appear at the beginning of the subject line of each piece of AUTOCAT mail that you receive.

INFO REFCARD - To retrieve a more complete listing of General User Commands (i.e., the LISTSERV Reference Card) for LISTSERV 1.8c.

** The above commands can be sent by sending the command as a one line message to: LISTSERV@LISTSERV.SYR.EDU
Multiple commands may be sent in a single mail message as long as each command is on a separate line. Please don't send LISTSERV commands to the AUTOCAT address. The LISTSERV address is for issuing COMMANDS, while the AUTOCAT address is for messages intended for the distribution to the subscribership.

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