Quoting practice and copyright status of AUTOCAT : 2010


When quoting from a message posted to Autocat, please be brief and quote only enough to provide the context for YOUR message. You could even provide a summary in your own words if that's easier. Doing so makes it easier for readers of the digest form of the list and also makes your message clearer for all of us.

If quoting from a message not posted to Autocat (or printed in a journal, book, etc.) then provide a brief quote and citation for the material you are quoting.

If you're interested in posting someone else's message to Autocat, from another list, first get permission from the original author. And, make sure the material is suitable for Autocat.


Remember, copyright law is AMBIGUOUS. Each poster retains the copyright to his or her own postings, depending on the intellectual property requirement of their place of employment, if one exists.

The owners (managers, really) of the Autocat list make no copyright claims to materials posted.


Quoting from Autocat messages in other published documents would likely require the permission of the original author; it is also a professional and courteous way to behave.

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Last revised 08 November 2010

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