History of AUTOCAT from 1990 onwards

AUTOCAT (the library cataloging and authorities discussion group) began operation in October 1990. It was originally established at the University of Vermont by Nancy Keane (who announced it on PACS-L on October 26, 1990); when she left Vermont Brenda Hutchins took over as Listowner in September 1992.

It moved to the University at Buffalo on 28 April 1993 at which time Judith Hopkins became Listowner. Shortly thereafter Douglas Winship was added as the Secondary Listowner.

Ownership was transferred on Jan. 3, 2007 to Syracuse University and the listowners are now Marc Truitt, Daniel CannCasciato, Sarah Theimer, and Judith Hopkins.

AUTOCAT became available on the World Wide Web on 5 August 1997.

The subscription base is growing, having expanded from 1850 subscribers in April 1993 to over 4000 in over 40 countries as of January 2007.

The list was also available for several years through the USENET newsreader as BIT.LISTSERV.AUTOCAT. As that gateway grew more and more unreliable (most messages posted to the list did not appear there while other, non-list messages such as spam, did get through) Judith Hopkins therefore decided to remove that gateway. The plug was finally pulled on 25 May 1998.

Subscribers to the list have the choice of receiving messages as they are issued, in a daily digest, or in a daily index. The list is an active one with about 20-60 messages distributed daily. Messages posted January 1991 and later are available in the Autocat archives where they can be searched and retrieved via e-mail. Messages posted January 1991 and later are also searchable and retrievable via the WWW. There are no archives for 1990. More information on searching the Autocat archives can be found in the Searching the AUTOCAT archives web page.

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