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A set of resources for the class taught by C.P. Wahle at Central Washington University
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IT 248 - Web Fundamentals

Computer literate professionals must have skills in the design, development, and evaluation of sites on the World Wide Web. This course is designed as the first step in a series which develops those skills for business, education and training environments.


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IT 312 - Advanced Application of Web Tools

This class centers on the technologies used in creating Websites. It gives students the chance to develop skill in selecting and using a variety of tools available for the development of a web site. It covers the interrelation of technology, infrastructure, processes, and user experience.


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IT 322 - Web Site Construction

This class centers on the design and implementation of the information technology infrastructure needed to operate a business web site.

This class is not currently in session.
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General Resources for all classes

A collection that covers ideas common to all classes.

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