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Status of Women Commission : Initiatives

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Priorities for 2005

(As composed at December 8, 2004 meeting)
and Accomplishments linked to those Priorities

  1. Develop and launch website for Status of Women Commission.
    The Status of Women Commission website is in development. Ms. Anna Creech, faculty member in the library, has agreed to be the lead on this effort. Software has been purchased, training has been scheduled, and plans are in the works. The commission's website will be linked to the CWU Diversity website at Ideally, the website will be fully functional by mid-summer.
  2. Sponsor and support community building activities for women.
    A potluck gathering to welcome new women faculty was held on Friday, October 22, 2004 in the SUB. About twenty people attended. It was a good beginning to resurrecting an old tradition.
  3. Analyze Women's Studies Program.
    1. Compare program template with reality.
    2. Investigate solid funding and support for Women's Studies Program.
    Sometime soon the Status of Women Commission will meet jointly with the Women's Studies Program Advisory Group. Our intention is to find ways that the commission can be supportive of the Women's Studies Program. Important areas may include securing solid funding and support, developing marketing strategies, and initiating discussion about new classes at the upper division level.
  4. Hold Status of Women Commission gatherings in conjunction with other events, including:
    1. Vagina Monologues (February 4-13, 2005, Empowerment Center)
    2. Carol Moseley-Braun lecture (February 24, 2005, Diversity Center)
    3. Naomi Wolf (April 12-13, 2005, Office for Equal Opportunity)
    4. The Status of Women's Commission has lent sponsorship to a few events on campus including Vagina Monologues, lectures by Carol Moseley-Braun and Naomi Wolf, as well as the CWU Social Forum. Several gatherings for women have been held to bring women together to discuss issues and build community.
  5. Support, encourage, and mandate the use of gender neutral language in:
    1. General Education and Basic and Breadth courses including English,
    2. University 101
  6. Examine and propose curriculum revitalization in terms of women.

Accomplishment on these last two priorities has been slow and will take more than one year to accomplish. How to support, encourage, and mandate the use of gender-neutral language has been a topic of conversation. Determining how to best approach this priority through established academic committees has been daunting. Equally difficult is finding avenues through which to examine and proposed curriculum revitalization for women. Status of Women Commission members remain committed to these priorities and will continue to explore ways to advocate for women. In addition, in the following year, we plan to address the priorities of increasing the membership and visibility of the committee, and we will continue to collaborate on various programs that focus on women and gender issues.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank members for their commitment to the status of women at Central Washington University. We would accomplish nothing without their involvement.

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