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"Life is a reach, then a jibe."

Rain Line

Our interests these days are in motorhoming in our Winnebago Chieftain, but we sure miss our sailing on Puget Sound and the Georgia Strait in our Beneteau Oceanis 350 sloop that we sold a few years ago. Dale retired in March, 1996 and Mary Jo retired in May, 1997 from Central Washington University.

Photo of Dale

My curriculum vita providing a full biography of my education and professional carreer can be be found in various categories by clicking on the link in the navigation area on the left.

Retirement is a great period in one's life. I would recommend it to anyone, but I also still regard my years at Central as Professor of Mathmatics and Dean of Graduate Studies & Research as a great part of my life.

I am maintaining several websites including those for the CWU Retirement Association, the Don Wise Scholarship Luncheon Group, my motorhome club, the Columbia Basin Cruisers, and my personal website for our family. Links to each of them can be found to the left.

I also try to keep up on my Russian and on the political scene in Russia, although I must admit it has slipped a bit in the last couple of years. And then there is our beautiful home and its view of the campus and the Mt Stuart off to the northwest just like the banner photo above.

Rain Line

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