FALL 2014



Auditions for The Duchess of Malfi and the Red Curtain Broadway Revue will be Wednesday and Thursday, September 24 and 25 beginning at 6:30 PM for all majors and pre-majors in the Department of Theatre Arts.

Call backs will be on Friday by arrangement.

Theatre Majors, minors, and pre-majors sign up for an appointment here.

Please arrive no later than thirty minutes before your scheduled appointment to sign in and organize your audition materials.  Please sign in with the stage managers in MCCO 117.  The Tower Theatre is designated as the loud warm-up space. MCCO 119 and the first floor hallway is designated as the quiet warm-up space.

AUDITION MATERIALS: Please complete the audition form and bring three copies with you to your audition appointment. Additionally, please bring two current headshots and acting resumes and sheet music in the correct key.  Sheet music is only required if you will be singing.

Please have music "accompanist ready" that can sit solidly on the music holder of a piano and in the performer's correct key.  The dance/movement auditions will be held along with callbacks.  If you have questions about preparing your audition music, you can address them to David Brown and he can help ensure it is sufficient.

AUDITION REQUIREMENTS: You will have approximately three minutes for your entire audition (including monologue, song, and discussion with accompanist). Please prepare either a one minute monologue from an Elizabethan or Jacobean play (The Duchess of Malfi) or a one minute monologue from an Elizabethan or Jacobean play and 32 bars of music (The Duchess of Malfi and the Red Curtain Broadway Review).  Your audition song should be a verse and a chorus of any song/era in the Musical Theatre genre.


A free version of the Duchess of Malfi in several different formats (html, Kindle, ebub, plain text) is available here from gutenberg.org.


UPDATED: 20140922