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Processed Summed Image of Comet Hale-Bopp

Dr. Michael R. Braunstein

Associate Professor, Physics

Classes I have taught at CWU:   STEP Science Seminar, Astronomy, Introductory Physics, Introductory Physics Laboratory, General Physics, General Physics Laboratory, Laboratory Practices and Techniques, Modern Physics Laboratory, Optics, Analytical Mechanics, Operation and Research Techniques for Small Observatories, Electromagnetic Theory, Quantum Mechanics, Science Honors Seminar

Other Classes I have taught:   Physics for Poets, Modern Physics, Nuclear Physics

Interests:  Nuclear physics, astronomy, scattering problems, electronic devices and circuits, chaos, physics education, quantum mechanics, energy.

Some research interests tailored specifically to potential undergraduate research projects:  Projects


Favorite Equations: 






Also:  Bicycling, Hiking, Opera, Reading

You can find me, if you can find me, in Lind Hall, 203D on the CWU Ellensburg Campus


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    Image of the globular cluster M56

                   Experimental data showing the 3-d phase space of a chaotic electronic circuit


email: braunst@cwu.edu