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Data Mining in Finance

Selection of Data Mining methods

Data Mining Glossary
Real world examples and software

Microsoft and Leading Data Mining Vendors Line Up In Support of Data Mining Specification
local copy

Education in Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery
CoIL Challenge 2000 <see CS456 on neve>
KDD Cup 2000
KDD Cup 2002
FUZZ-IEEE 2002 competition <see CS456 on CS server>

InfoVis 2003 Contest (Seattle, Oct 19, 2003)
DM Review: Data Mining and Modeling: Model Validity
Oth4er Data Mining classes

UCI Repository of machine learning databases. Merz, C.J., & Murphy, P.M.

Irvine, CA: University of California, Department of Information and Computer Science.

Public Concerns
NetTrends: What Web Sites Want to Know (About You)

Data mining Jobs (Seattle area)

Microsoft, Boeing, Expedia.com, Amazon.com

Boris Kovalerchuk, borisk <AT> CWU <DOT> edu

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