HIP Summer Institute

Why an HIP Institute?

Who Should Attend?

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Brief Program


A CWU Professional Development Opportunity

Summer Institute on High Impact Practices

June 21st and June 28th

8:30 am - 3:00 pm

AAC&U Resources:

  1. High Impact Educational Practices by George Kuh
  2. The LEAP Vision for Learning
  3. VALUE Rubrics
  4. Faculty Engagement with HIPs


  1. Introduction to HIPs (Kara Gabriel & Stuart Boersma)
  2. HIPs at CWU (Jenna Hyatt)
  3. Writing and Learning Communities (George Drake)
  4. Building a Diverse Community (Kandee Cleary)
  5. Developing an Intentional Undergraduate Experience (Stuart Boersma & Jason White)

CWU's Essential Learning Outcomes: Where are they?

  1. Perhaps these are the core themes/objectives in the CWU strategic plan.
  2. Perhaps these include the four pillars of student success found in the First Year Experience orientation program (anyone have a copy?).
  3. Perhaps these include the General Education Goals. [The newly adopted General Education Outcomes do not appear to be available on the website. Anyone have a copy to share?]