Contest Rules


Guidelines for Submission

  1. Email solutions to by 4 p.m. April 22, 2013, P.D.T.
  2. Subject of email should read: kryptos solution
  3. Body/text of email should contain the following information:
    1. Name(s) and email addresses of all team members.
    2. Name of school.
    3. Name and email address of a faculty sponsor at your school (There is no restriction to the number of individuals or teams a faculty member may sponsor. The role of the faculty sponsor is to 1) verify that the team members are undergraduate students and 2) assist in contacting teams after the contest.
  4. For each challenge completed, please prepare a 1-2 page solution (Word or PDF format please) containing:
    1. Challenge number.
    2. Name(s) of all team members.
    3. Name of school.
    4. Complete plaintext solution.
    5. List of sources used in the cryptanalysis.
    6. A brief description of how your team arrived at the solution (1 page maximum).
  5. For tie-breaking purposes, the time a solution is submitted will be considered. So, be sure to send in your solutions as you solve each challenge!