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Case Studies for Quantitative Reasoning

A Casebook of Media Articles

This book contains twenty-four case studies of public media articles, mostly from newspapers.  Also included are introductory notes and exercises on the basic concepts of understanding and comparing quantities; percent and percent change; indices; interest on money; weighted averages; counting; and probability, odds and risk.  Each of the articles contains quantitative information, analyses, or argument.  These case studies are meant to be both items of study and examples of case studies that students and teachers can create using public media articles from the present day, keeping the material fresh and more obviously relevant.


The Course Philosophy

Our experience with the course as it has developed over the past several years – which we call QL-friendly – has led us to a few conclusions about desirable characteristics of such courses, and, on the flip side, some conclusions about why traditional courses are not QL-friendly. Some of these characteristics are alluded to in other areas of this website, but we list them here as well.