NUTR 345

Developmental Nutrition


Virginia A. Bennett, PhD, RD, CD

PE 134

Course Description: The effects of nutrition on development, growth and health from conception through aging.
Learning Outcomes: At the conclusion of this course students will be able to:
1. Describe nutritional priorities during each stage of the life cycle.
2. Discuss health maintenance and disease prevention as they are related to nutrition and nutritional status.
3. Describe the use of nutritional assessment tools.
4. Discuss the physiology related to pregnancy, lactation, and growth.
5. Know the fundamentals of nutrition care delivery in community programs.
6. Know the use of computers for data processing and information management in dietetics.

Text: Food, Nutrition and Diet Therapy, Mahan
Midterm 100
Reaction Paper or WSDA paper in place of class
Final 100
Project (work in pairs) 75 2 Case Studies/Clincal Scenarios from end of chapters: 30
Clicker Points; 50
Total 380