NUTR 140

Virginia A. Bennett, PhD, RD


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Course Syllabus

This class includes a study of the fundamental principles of food preparation, including how the physical and chemical properties of ingredients used in food preparation may influence food quality.  Also included is an emphasis on food purchasing, storage, preparation, food safety and sanitation and nutrient preservation.

Text:  Food Fundamentals, Margaret McWilliams
A "clicker" is also required.  Ask clerk for a clicker.

Learner Outcomes

Identify the functional properties of the various ingredients used in food preparation and how they affect the quality of the product
Identify the standards of food purchasing and storage to achieve maximum quality and nutrient retention.

Students with disabilities who wish to set up academic adjustments in this class should give me a copy of their "Confirmation of Eligibility for Academic Adjustments: from the Disability Support Services Office as soon as possible so we can discuss how the approved adjustments will be implemented in this class.  Students without this form should contact the Disability Support Services Office, Bouillon 205.

Course Objectives
Identify the procedures for properly preparing food products to achieve ideal quality and nutrient retention
Identify the safety and sanitation principles of proper food preparation

Extra Credit Study Groups: Study groups of 3-4 students. Extra credit given based upon how the group performs on the exams:
90-100% - additional 4%
80-90% - additional 3 %
70-80% - additional 1 %

Grading Procedures
2 midterms and 1 final exam
Consist of a variety of multiple choice, true/false and short answer
Questions will be derived from lectures and assigned readings
Exams must be taken as scheduled

Clicker Points
We will be using some new technology this quarter to increase student participation and attendance with the goal of increasing student learning. You are required to purchase and bring to each class period your personal Clicker (remote control transmitting device). Each lecture period, you will be asked either survey questions or knowledge questions that will require you to transmit your answer with your Clicker. Responding to graded questions will give you 3 points for right answers, 1 point for wrong answers (attendance point), and 0 points for no answer. At the end of the quarter 6 points will be added to your score to allow for TWO unexcused absences. Thus, if you have to miss a class or forget to bring your clicker, do not ask for special accommodations. Please let me know if you have an excused absence (CWU sports, significant illness with written note from health care provider).
Clicker questions          = 50
Mid term  1                  =  100
Midterm 2                   = 100                                                                 
Final exam                    = 100
TOTAL                        = 350

A > 93%          A- 90 - 92%
B+ 88 - 89%    B 83 - 87%     B- 80 - 82%
C+ 78 - 79%    C 73 - 77%     C- 70 - 72%
D+ 68 - 69%     D 63 - 67%     D- 60 - 62%
F <60 %

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Typical Course Schedule

Date Topic Assigned Reading/Clicker questions
Sept 19 Introduction  
Sept 24 Food Selection and Evaluation
Sept 26 Food safety Ch3
Oct 1 Video  
Oct 3    Food Preservation    Ch7   Clicker question- Danger zone
Oct 8   Milk   and   Eggs 
Ch11 & 13 Clicker question-Coagulation and precipitation (11) & Foaming(13)
Oct 10  
Meat, Poultry and Fish Study groups due
Ch14-16 Clicker question-Connective tissue
Oct 15  
Meat, Poultry and Fish
Ch14-16 Clicker question-Preparation safety tips
Oct 17 Meat, Poultry and Fish Ch14-16 Clicker question - page294-295
Oct 22 Midterm 1  
Oct 24 Vegetables Ch17 Clicker question -Figure 17-3
Oct 28   Starch   Ch20  Clicker question - Gelatinization and gel formation
Oct 31  Grains and Pastas Ch 21 Clicker question - Classification of wheat
Nov 5  Flours mixtures & Quick Breads   Ch 22 & 23 Clicker question -Gluten (22) and muffin method (23)
Nov 7 Yeast bread Ch 24 Clicker question - mixing methods
Nov 12 Holiday  
Nov 14 Midterm 2  
Nov 19  Cakes and Cookies Ch 25 Clicker question Types of Cakes and high altitude baking
Nov 21 Holiday recess  
Nov 26  Pies and Pastries   Ch 26 Clicker question -function of fat
Nov 28     Fat Ch 10 Clicker question -Shortening power and hydrogenation
Dec FINAL - Comprehensive