NUTR 245
Basic Nutrition

Virginia Bennett, PhD, RD, CD

Course Syllabus

Required Textbook: Nutrition: An Applied Approach, Thompson & Manore  A "clicker" is also required, as is a CD for dietary analysis.  Make sure the text you purchase has the CD with it.  Ask clerk for a clicker.  You will need a calculator for exams, cell phones are not permitted.
"NUTR 245 Basic Nutrition Discussion Group Materials" available at the book store, bring to first discussion group meeting
(second week of class)

Student Outcomes

1. Students will understand and apply the basic scientific principles underlying the science of nutrition.

2. Students will understand the rationale of the dietary recommendations in the prevention of chronic diseases and nutritional deficiencies and apply them to their own lives.

3. Students will apply the principles of nutrition science to their everyday decisions about food.

Grading Policy

Grading: Exam 1 - 100 points
Exam 2 - 100 points
Exam 3 - 100 points
Final Comprehensive Exam - 100 points
Attendance/Quizzes 50 points (Clicker points)
Discussion Group Assignments 100 points

If you know in advance that you cannot take the exam on the scheduled date, you must provide written documentation of your reason and have it approved in advance.  If you are significantly ill on the day of the exam, or have any justifiable reason for missing the exam, you must provide written documentation of your reason.  Please call if at all possible. 

"Students with disabilities who wish to set up academic adjustments in this class should give me a copy of their “Confirmation of Eligibility
for Academic Adjustments” from the Disability Support Services Office as soon as possible so we can meet to discuss how the approved adjustments will be implemented in this class. Students with disabilities without this form should contact the Disability Support Services Office, Bouillon 205 or or 963-2171 immediately."

90% - 100% = A grades
80% - 89% = B grades
65% - 79% = C grades
56% - 64% = D grades
less than 56% = F

Extra Credit: Nutrition Study Groups
To encourage students to study together in groups, study groups of 3 or 4 students can be formed. How the study group functions is decided upon by its members. Extra credit is based upon how the group as a whole performs on each exam. If the average score is between 70% and 79% , then each member of that group receives an additional 1% to each of their scores for that exam. If the average score is between 80% and 89%, then each member receives an additional 3%. If the average score is between 90% and 100%, then each member receives an additional 4%. No extra credit is awarded if the average score is less than 70%.

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