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I taught at two schools prior to CWU: Rutgers University (as a graduate student, 2000-2006) and Haverford College (Visiting Assistant Professor, 2006-2007). Classes at these schools are tagged with an 'r' or an 'h'.


Clicking on a link for a class will download a pdf of the syllabus. If you're a prospective student of one of my future classes, and want an idea of what the class might be like, it may help to look at syllabi for recent versions of the same class, or similar classes – if there are any. Or you might just email me!


Classes in red are scheduled for the future and thus may be subject to change.


Introductory-level Philosophy classes


Introduction to Philosophy: Win. 16, Win. 14, Spr. 13, Win. 13, Win. 11, Spr. 10, Win. 10, Spr. 09, Win. 09, Spr. 08, Win. 08, Fall 07, Spr. 04(r), Spr. 03(r), Win. 03(r), Fall 02(r), Fall 01(r), Sum. 01(r)


Critical Thinking: Spr. 16, Fall 15


Introductory Logic: Spr. 15, Win. 15, Fall 14, Fall 13, Sum. 13, Fall 12, Spr. 12, Win. 12, Fall 11, Spr. 11, Fall 10, Fall 09, Fall 08, Fall 07


Ethics / Applied Ethics: Fall 06(h), Fall 03(r), Sum. 02(r)


Introductory Analytic Philosophy: Fall 09


Upper-level Philosophy classes


Early Modern Philosophy: Win. 17, Win. 16, Win. 15, Win. 14, Win. 13, Win. 12, Win. 11, Win. 10, Win. 09, Win. 08


Philosophy & Sci-Fi: Fall 16, Spr. 14, Fall 11, Spr. 10, Sum. 04(r)


Philosophy of Mind: Spr. 15, Spr. 13, Spr. 08, Spr. 07(h)


Theory of Knowledge: Spr. 17, Fall 14, Fall 12, Spr. 07(h), Sum. 03(r)


Philosophy of Science: Fall 15, Fall 13, Spr. 09


Philosophy of Language: Fall 06(h)


Ancient Philosophy: Fall 08


Seminar classes: Topic TBA [Spr. 16], Worldmaking [Spr. 12], Consciousness [Spr. 11]


Other classes


Consciousness (with R. Greenwald, Psych.): Spr. 14, Fall 13, Fall 12, Spr. 11, Fall 10


Expository Writing: Fall 06(h), Spr. 05(r), Fall 04(r)


Technical Writing: Spr. 06(r), Fall 05(r)


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