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U.B.C. Anthropology Museum Trip May 2004



2007 ASA BooCentral Booth


2007 ASA Camping Trip


2008 ASA Members Decorating Albertson's Window for Homecoming


Photos of wall art from Farrell Hall.

Totem   Totem2   Geese   Goose   Hand   Hands   Haida   Haida Images      Farming   Claw   Walrus   Glyphs   Cartoon  

Photos of trip to see Lucy in Seattle.

ASA Members   ASA Members   ASA Members  Lucy

April 2009 Northwest Anthropology Conference in Newport, Oregon.

Witkowski-Poster   McCutcheon and Christian   NWAC2009   NWAC Program   Poster Session   Yurt-NWAC2009   Tide Pools – Near Newport, Oregon   Stonehedge Near Biggs, Washington