Anthropology Student Association


Texture-by-Feel Competitions - May 19th

Exclusive Opportunity to Visit Olmstead Place Historic State Park
An ASA exclusive tour of the historic cabin, house, and barns of the Olmstead Place State Park in Kittitas. Interested in seeing what life was like in the Kittitas Valley in the late 1800's? Then join the ASA for a tour of the preserved farm which is filled with old artifacts, just as if time forgot it. Meet at Dean Hall at 12:45pm to carpool or meet at the park at 1:00pm. The Olmstead Place State Park is located off Kittitas Highway on N. Ferguson Rd.


Meeting Time:

General Meetings are every other
Wednesday May 6th at 5:00pm

in the 3rd Floor Conference Room  of Dean Hall.

Officer Meetings:
 Our ASA Officer Meetings are on Wednesdays opposite of the General Meetings and are held at 5:00pm in the ASA office in Dean Hall (Room 375).

Faculty, students, and members are invited to attend ASA Officer Meetings to communicate with the officers directly about future activities, events, or other business.


Our club is open to all Anthropology students, as well as non-Anthropologystudents who are interested in being a part of a fun and diverse group.

Mission Statement:

Our goal is to keep students informed about opportunities available to them in the field of Anthropology, as well as be able to go out and experience the rich diversity that is offered here in Washington State, and the Pacific Northwest. We plan on going to many conferences, museums, and other cultural activities throughout the year.

We are recognized by the ASCWU Board of Directors and Club Senate as a
school organization



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