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Some Readings on Higher Education and Research (from INRIA)
How to Write a Master’s Thesis in Computer Science
Writing Technical Papers (CS Columbia University)
How to Have a Bad Carreer in Research/Academia
Un ghid practic pentru aspirantul la doctorat in Statele Unite
How to Succeed in Graduate School
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E-print Network  (U.S. Dept. of Energy)
SciFinder (for chemistry research)
ISI Thomson Master Journal List
Publish or Perish (Harzing)
The ACM Portal
IEEE Computer Society Digital Library
Zentralblatt MATH Database
The Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies
Open Directory - Computers
Scirus - for scientific information
CIRG - Publications
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HW Wilson Index
DBLP Computer Science Bibliography
AMS MathSciNet
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Concurrency and Computation Practice and Experience
International Journal of Computational Intelligence and Applications (IJCIA)
International Journal of Neural Systems
Journal of Advanced Computational Intelligence and Intelligent Informatics
Journal of Medicinal Chemistry
Natural Computing
Neural Information Processing - Letters & Reviews
Neural Networks
Neural Processing Letters
Neurocomputing - Elsevier
Soft Computing - Springer
Computational Intelligence and Neuroscience — An Open AccessJournal
Journal of Machine Learning
Sage: Open Source Mathematics Software
Encyclopedia of Mathematics
Wolfram Computational Knowledge Engine
Wolfram Definite Integral Calculator
Engineering Mathematics
Mathematics Stackexchange: Q&A for People Studying Mathematics
Rosen Web Resource Guide in Discrete Math
On-Line Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences (Look-Up)
MacTutor History of Mathematics
Mathematics WWW Virtual Library [FSU Math]
Basic statistics
The R Project for Statistical Computing
R Project – Contributed Extension Packages
G*Power – statistical analyses
e-Handbook of Statistical Methods

UCI Machine Learning Repository

Weka datasets in arff format

Unipen (character recognition benchmarks)
Enron Email Dataset
Time Series Data Library
Neural networks
David MacKay Information Theory, Pattern Recognition and Neural Networks The Book
Gaussian Processes for Machine Learning- the book
Machine Learning, Neural and Statistical Classification - the book
NEuroNet Neural Network Products
Aston University_ Neural Computing Research Group
Torkkola's NN course
GMDH method for forecasting, data mining, neural network structure optimization
Joone - Java Object Oriented Neural Engine
LIBSVM - A Library for Support Vector Machines
Machine Learning, Neural and Statistical Classification - the book
Neural Network Resources
NeuralTools, Statistical Analysis Software - Palisade Corporation
Neuro-Fuzzy Systems
NN Java Implementation
SNNS- Stuttgart Neural Network Simulator
CNS Lab (Boston) – ARTMAP resources
Support Vector Machines
Boosting Research Site
Algorithmic Solutions Software - LEDA
Algorithms Courses on the WWW
Dictionary of Algorithms and Data Structures
Free Books by Ian Parberry
Computer chess
Jonathan Schaeffer Mark Brockington
The ChessBrain Network
Mizar Chess Engine Papers
The Main Transposition Table
ICOMMU Internet Chess
Computer Chess Utility (with this utility program, a chess GUI can communicate with a chess engine on remote computers that are connected over network)
Arena Chess GUI
Computational chemistry
American Chemical Society Publications Essential Resources for the Chemical Sciences
Chemical Networks for Education
Hemmer, Gasteiger Data Mining in Chemistry
Neural Networks in Chemistry and Drug Design - Online
Open Babel A Package to Decypher Computational Chemistry
The RCSB Protein Data Bank
Virtual Laboratory Software
Genetic algorithms
ECG: A Java-based Evolutionary Computation and Genetic Programming Research System
JGAP – Java Genetic Algorithms Package
Watchmaker Framework for Evolutionary Computation
GA Playground - Java Genetic Algorithms Toolkit
Evolutionary Multi-Objective Optimization Repository
Harmony Search
Swarm intelligence, agents, distributed computing, artificial life
Ant Colonoy Optimization People
Bibliography on Software Agents
Jade - Java Agent DEvelopment Framework
CIRG - Publications
Insect Bibliography - Terry Morse
P Systems Web Page
Particle Swarm Central
Particle Swarm Optimization
Insect Bibliography - Terry Morse
Bibliography on Software Agents
Papers on Self-Organisation, Complexity and Artificial Life
PeerSim – A P2P Simulator
Overlay Weaver – An Overlay Construction Toolkit
Data mining
Free Book: The Elements of Statistical Learning: Data Mining, Inference, and Prediction
Euro Foreign Exchange Rates
Rapid Miner
Weka 3 - Data Mining with Open Source Machine Learning Software in Java
Microsoft StreamInsight
ACM SIGKDD Explorations
Fetch Technologies innovative solutions for integrating and accessing data sources
Data Mining Course Piatetsky-Shapiro
Data Mining Email
Data Mining in Finance
GroupLens Home Page
KDnuggets Data Mining Guide
Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining
Log Parser - Microsoft
Software Suites for Data Mining
SQL Server Data Mining
Text mining
A Roadmap to Text Mining and Web Mining
Proceedings ECML-PKDD-2003 Workshop on Adaptive Text Extraction & Mining
Proceedings of the IJCAI-2001 Workshop on Adaptive Text Extraction and Mining
Text Mining - Articles, Tutorials, Templates, Checklists, Jobs and more
Ghostscript, Ghostview and GSview
LaTeX Resources
MiKTeX Project Page
TeXnicCenter - Download
LaTeX (Emory)
including pictures
Typesetting pseudocode in LaTeX
the Comprehensive TeX Archive Network
Chikrii Softlab News
Macros for Exercises (for a textbook)
LaTeX symbols classifier
Free online courses
Free books
Books On-line Call Numbers Starting With QA
Bruce Eckel's MindView, Inc Books & Book Support
Online mathematical books
Free Approved Math Textbooks