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Dr. Leo J. D'Acquisto, Professor

Director, Graduate Studies                                                                             Nutrition, Exercise and Health Sciences                                                     Central Washington University                                                                      509-963-1909

My main area of research has included examination of the metabolic and cardiovascular responses of land and water based exercise. I have worked with a wide range of research participants, ranging in age from 14 to 80 years old  of age. I have conducted research in (1) physiological responses to shallow water exercise in young and older females; (2) physiological responses in younger and older male swimmers during freestyle swimming; (3) the effects of training on swimmers and runners, (4) the effects of altitude on human performance; (5) the effects of taper on maximal aerobic capacity and economy on human motion; (6) comparative exercise physiology: running, cycling, and water exercise; and (7) the efficiency of human locomotion. 

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