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Mathematical frameworks supporting conflation problems

The primary objective of this project is the development of mathematical frameworks for characterizing the quality of conflated data relative to a given problem. This includes consideration of tasks related to NIMA's future operating environment such as: growing geospatial data from multiple sources, a variety of techniques for data generation, a variety of requested data combinations, and emerging data types. Specifically, this research uses two mathematical frameworks. The algebraic invariants framework is the development of a new methodology along with a corresponding implementation that automates the correlation/registration of large satellite images at high speeds, giving them common scales and coordinates. The visual correlation framework offers multidimensional measures of the correctness of conflation with a visual presentation. The project concentrates on improving geospatial data representations by investigating methodologies and algorithms for conflation of disparate elevations, features, and image data sets.

Methodology and tools for creating Virtual Experts

This project addresses the knowledge management issues of NIMA's future operating environment including: more complex and detailed intelligence questions, need of remote access to multidisciplinary experts consultation, expert time and schedule constrains to deliver a reliable intelligence to policymakers and commanders.

Our primary research objectives are to: (1) Determine how to build knowledge-based and expert systems for use in supporting imagery analysis, (2) Create tools to assist the knowledge engineer capture domain specific information and build the knowledge base, (3) Incorporate the use of semantics into a knowledge management environment, (4) Integrate multimedia information in a user-friendly, human-computer interface, and (5) Create tools to foster intelligent consultation of the virtual expert's knowledge base.

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