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Yearlong Exploration in the Social Sciences Program
400 E. University Way
Science II, 111E
Ellensburg, WA 98926

About YESS.....

YESS focuses on increased global cultural awareness for students with the purpose of broadening their foundation for understanding the cultural, social, and political contexts in which they live.  The YESS program is committed to developing students' skills and talents, including those of effective communication and intellectual engagement in the social sciences.   

It is the goal of the Yearlong Exploration of Social Sciences Program to provide an interdisciplinary approach which allows students to examine social, cultural, political, legal and geographic phenomena from multiple perspectives; to provide students with the opportunity to experience the scope of the social sciences through academic support and mentoring; and to foster student’s ability to examine fundamental issues in a clear, comprehensive, and critical fashion, and to relate their knowledge to everyday life and subsequently academic experience. 

Academic and Social Support.....

YESS students have the support of YESS faculty, staff, and other YESS students. Students meet quarterly with the YESS Program Coordinator to assess their progress and receive referrals to a variety of on-campus academic and social services. There are opportunities for YESS students to pursue tutoring in the various social science disciplines offered at CWU.  YESS students are able to get personalized help with homework, projects, and studying.  In addition, YESS students have a chance to join the YESS Living Learning Community located in Sparks residence hall. The YESS LLC gives students an opportunity to connect with other YESS students in a shared residence and opportunities to build valuable social and academic connections.

More information is available on the YESS Student Resource page.


YESS provides students with added academic and social support, which will enhance student retention, increase their success, and progress towards a bachelor's degree in Social Science and future Social Science career.

YESS also provides students with challenging and stimulating activities that help to develop global, cultural and social awareness and intellectual engagement in social science research. 

The Yearlong Exploration of Social Sciences Program serves CWU freshman. For more information about the YESS program, please refer to the links on the left side of the page.

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