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Washington State Journal of Public Health Practice

Guideline for Reviewers

Consider the following points as you review this manuscript:

  1. Organization: Does the manuscript reflect a logical pattern of thought? Is it easy to understand and comprehend? If a research manuscript is the research design correct and appropriate?
  2. Scholarly Contribution: Does the manuscript offer new ideas or scholarly information? Is it accurate? Is it scholarly? Does it appear to be an original approach or technique? Does it contribute to the body of knowledge? Does it meet its intended purpose? Are the statistical treatment and the research design appropriate?
  3. Relevance: Does the manuscript belong in this journal? Will it be meaningful to readers?
  4. Style and Grammar: Has APA (5th edition) formatting been followed? Is it too long or too short? Is it grammatically correct? Does it reflect the use of quality writing skills?
  5. Tables and Charts: Are tables and charts set correctly? Are they needed? Are new charts or tables required for clarity?

Please make all your comments on page two of these guidelines. You can also make corrections on the manuscript itself. Regardless of your decision concerning the disposition of the manuscript, please offer constructive comments that will make this a learning process for the author.


Name of Reviewer:




Title of Manuscript:


Return Review By:

Two Weeks from Reveiving manuscript.


Publish As Is


Publish After Minor Revisions


Publish After Major Revisions


Do Not Publish


  1. Organization:



  1. Scholarly Contribution:



  1. Relevance:



  1. Style and Grammar:



  1. Tables and Charts:



  1. General Comments:


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