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Women's and Gender Studies

Why Minor in Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies?

The best reason to minor in Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies is because the issues are fascinating to you, but the minor can also help to prepare you for a number of different careers, in conjunction with your major. Here are a few of the professions in which an education in women's and gender studies is an asset:

  • social work
  • human resources
  • criminal justice
  • healthcare
  • marketing and public relations
  • public relations
  • public policy
  • education
  • journalism
  • international development
  • mental health counseling

Skills cultivated in our courses:

  • Apply research to social and cultural problems and identify solutions
  • Seek out marginalized perspectives and the insights that can be drawn from them
  • Examine connections between personal experience and issues of social justice
  • Foster civic engagement skills by making links between community, business, education, and government organizations
  • Develop critical thinking skills by analyzing accepted gender norms and supporting alternatives through research and argumentation
  • Recognize fundamental gender dynamics embedded in organizations and institutions, and design strategies to improve their effectiveness.


The National Women's Studies Association - a lot of great information here about undergraduate and graduate programs in Women's Studies, and careers using these degrees.

What You Can Do With Women's Studies - from the Women's Studies program at Michigan State University, a comprehensive description of what to do with a Women's Studies degree, with advice on how to apply to graduate schools and links to job openings.

Ms. Magazine: What I'm Doing With My Women's Studies Degree - an article highlighting how Women's Studies alums have used those experiences in their various career paths

Women's Studies Handbook - excerpted from the National Women's Studies Association handbook, a list of possible careers that use the skills and knowledge developed in Women's Studies programs.

Academic Info - a general introduction to Women's and Gender Studies degrees and how to translate that academic background into different career paths.

Women's Studies Careers - Click on the "read more" tab to hide the advertisements, in order to get to a list of possible careers, how to prepare for those careers, and a description of the skills learned in Women's Studies programs (helpful language to explain to potential employers how your Women's Studies minor enhances your qualifications).


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