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Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies

WGSS Minor Requirements

Courses (click here for PDF)

WGS 201Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies       5 CREDITS
WGS 488Capstone (arranged course)2 CREDITS


Electives(select 18 credits)  
ANTH 356Gender Roles in Cross-Cultural Perspective 4 CREDITS
ANTH 384Language and Gender 4 CREDITS
COM 402Gender Communication 4 CREDITS
ENG 335Women's Literature 5 CREDITS
HED 488Sexual Health 5 CREDITS
HIST 334 

History of Gender and Sexuality in Africa for Pre-Colonial Times to Present 

HIST 344American Manhood in Historical Perspective 5 CREDITS
LAJ 403Sexual Minorities, the Law and Justice 4 CREDITS
LAJ 453Domestic Violence Issues 4 CREDITS
PHIL 325Women and Philosophy 5 CREDITS
PHIL 376Women and  Western Religious Tradition 5 CREDITS
POSC 311Women and Politics 5 CREDITS
POSC 470Contemporary Issues in International Relations: Global Sex Trade 3 CREDITS
PSY 312Queer Theory and Sexuality 4 CREDITS
PSY 483Psychology of Women 3 CREDITS
SOC  348Women and Crime 4 CREDITS
SOC  356Sociology of Gender 5 CREDITS
SOC 357Sociology of Families 5 CREDITS
SOC 359U.S. Feminist Movements 5 CREDITS
TH 377Staging Gender 4 CREDITS
WGS 250Introduction to Queer Studies 5 CREDITS
WGS 490Cooperative Education Experience 1-5 CREDITS
Special topics courses, and independent study courses may also count towards elective credit.
Total required credits: 25


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