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Women's History Month, April 2013:  Transcending Gender

Our theme for Women's History Month 2013 is Transcending Gender, which will encourage the campus community to think about the various ways in which the traditional gender and sex binaries (masculine/feminine and male/female) are being challenged.  As a culture, we still tend to believe that those binaries are rooted in natural differences, and we then tend to justify a wide range of gender-based judgments and practices upon that belief.  The repercussions of these assumptions extend to homophobia and gender coercion in the case of intersex persons.  These events will get us to think critically about how gender norms are currently enforced, and what alternatives might be. 

Transcending Gender Calendar of Events
DateEvent TitleTimeLocation
4/3“Genderf*kation” film showing and discussion, with two of the directors (Chris Durant and Esme Rodriguez)6:30 PMSURC Theatre
4/9Student panel discussion on gender identity12:30 PMSURC Pit
4/10Women’s Achievement Celebration6:00 PMSue Lombard Room
4/11“Entangled Bodily Concerns: Opposition to Skin Lighteners in Apartheid South Africa”, with Lynn Thomas (UW Department of History)4-5:30 PMDean 103

Theatre of Gender exhibit:  M-Th 9 AM–5 PM and Friday 9 AM–12 PM
Reception on Tuesday, April 16th at 4:30 PM

See title for timesSURC 137A-B
4/17Title TBA - Stephanie Coontz (Evergreen State College), Evening presentation, with reception and book signing7:00 PMSURC Theatre
4/25Sexpertise: "Personal and Social Worlds in Transition: Trans*, Gender Identity, and Expression" - Marsha Botzer (Ingersoll Gender Center, Seattle)4:00 PMBlack 150
5/2Social Identity Mapping Workshop with Sally Eck3-4:30 PMSURC 202
5/2Meet and Greet with Sally Eck4:30-5 PMSURC 202
5/2Interrupting Oppressive Language Workshop with Sally Eck6-7:30 PMSURC 202

Library Lunchtime Lecture Series on Women’s History Month
Thursdays, Noon to 1:00 pm, in the Brooks Library Academic and Research Commons Presentation Rooms
3/ 28Stephen Hussman – Women’s Collections in the CWU Archives
4/4 Courtney Paddick – Women Inspiring Innovation Through Imagination: 2013 National Women’s History Month Honorees 
4/ 11Ginny Blackson - Reading Women into History: Outstanding Historical Fiction for Young Adults
4/18 Karen Blair – CWU’s Origins as a Women’s College

March 1 – April 1, 2013:  Exhibit: Women of War – Women Air Force Service Pilots of WWII