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Women's and Gender Studies

Minor Requirements

Courses (click here for PDF)

WGS 201Introduction to Women's and Gender Studies       5 CREDITS
WGS 488Colloquium (individualized study)2 CREDITS


Electives(select 18 credits) 
ANTH 356Gender Roles in Cross-Cultural Perspective4 CREDITS
ANTH 384Language and Gender4 CREDITS
COM 402Gender Communication4 CREDITS
ENG 335Women's Literature5 CREDITS
HIST 346Women in American History5 CREDITS
HIST 352History ofthe American Family3 CREDITS
HIST 449History of Women and the West5 CREDITS
LAJ 403Sexual Minorities, the Law and Justice4 CREDITS
LAJ 453Domestic Violence Issues4 CREDITS
PHIL 325Women and Philosophy5 CREDITS
PHIL 357Race, Class, and Gender in American Philosophy5 CREDITS
POSC 311Women and Politics5 CREDITS
PSY 312Queer Theory and Sexuality4 CREDITS
PSY 483Psychology of Women3 CREDITS
SOC  348Women and Crime4 CREDITS
SOC  356Sociology of Gender5 CREDITS
SOC 357Sociology of Families5 CREDITS
TH 377Staging Gender4 CREDITS
Special topics courses, cooperative education credit, and independent study courses may also count towards elective credit.
Total required credits: 25