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Women's and Gender Studies


Full-Time Faculty Members

SpecialtiesContact Information

Chong Eun Ahn, Ph. D., Assistant Professor

Department of History

Modern China, Gender and History in East Asia, Colonial Encounters in Asia

mail: Chong Eun Ahn — L&L 100-O, Ph. 963-2190




Mark Auslander, Ph.D., Associate Professor and Museum Director

Department of Anthropology and Museum Studies



Sociocultural anthropology, museum anthropology, art and aesthetics, meaning in the material world, symbolic mediation, ritual and performance theory, historical anthropology, race and class, engaged anthropology, slavery studies, contemporary African and Diasporic art

Email: Mark Auslander — Dean Hall 334, Ph. 963-3209





Department of Anthropology
Areas of Specialization: Learning and Culture, Childhood, Psychological Anthropology,   Museum Anthropology, Symbolism, Gender, Art and Aesthetics, Material Culture, Regional Ethnography.Email: Kathleen Barlow - Dean Hall, Ph: 963-3212

Gayla Blaisdell, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Department of Music


Vocal performance and scholar in feminist theory and opera

Email: Gayla Blaisdell —J. S. McIntyre Music Bldg 118 Ph. 963-1316


Brian Carroll, Ph.D

Associate Professor

Department of History
Early America, Native American, History of Masculinity, Environmental History, War and Society StudiesEmail:
L&L 100-L
Ph. 963-2344

Cynthia Coe, Ph. D., Professor

Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

19th and 20th century European philosophy, feminist theory, Continental ethics, critical race theory

Email: Cynthia Coe - L&L 318 Ph. 963-2008




Ruthi Erdman, Senior Lecturer - Department of English

William O. Douglas Honors College, Humanities

 Email: Ruthi Erdman - L&L 103-E,  Ph 963-1538

Lacy Ferrell, Ph. D., Assistant Professor

Department of History

Childhood, education, colonialism, and gender in African HistoryEmail: Lacy Ferrell - L&L 100-G  Ph 963-1854

Barbara Flanagan, Ph. D.,  Professor

Department of Political Science

International Human Rights, Middle East PoliticsEmail: Barbara Flanagan - Psychology Bldg. 465  Ph 963-2369

Michael Goerger, Ph. D., Assistant Professor

Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies

Ethical Theory, Ancient Greco-Roman Philosophy, Applied Ethics, Social and Political PhilosophyEmail: Michael Goerger - L&L 346  Ph 963-1358

Judy Hennessy, Ph.D., Professor,  Director of Women's and Gender Studies

Department of Sociology

Social welfare & poverty, gender, low-income women, work and family balance, families, morality and culture.

Email: Judy Hennessy - Farrell Hall 436, Ph 963-1574

Tracey Hoover, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Department of Sociology

Gender and Identity, Feminist Movements, Family and Socialization, and Media

Email: Tracey Hoover   -- Farrell 427, Ph 963-2227

Jill Hoxmeier, Ph.D MPH, CHES

Assistant Professor

Department of Health Sciences

Women's Health, Sexual Health, Public HealthEmail:
Phone: 509-963-1929
Office: Purser Hall 128

Michael Johnson, Ph. D., Assistant Professor

Department of World Languages

Medieval literature, gender and sexuality, Franco-Belgian comics, French and Spanish language, and grammar.

Email: Michael Johnson - L&L 102-I  Ph 963-1218


Melissa Johnson, Senior Lecturer

Department of English

 Email: Melissa Johnson  - Blk 225-24  Ph 963-1501

Pamela McMullin Messier, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Department of Sociology

Demography, Aging, Collective Action, Social Justice, Environmental Studies, Family, and Gender & Sexuality

Email: Pamela McMullin-Messier —Farrell Hall 425, Ph. 963-2222


Geraldine O'Mahony, Ph.D., Associate Director, Douglas Honors College

African Politics, Development,  Islamic Studies, Middle Eastern Studies, DivinityEmail: Geraldine O'Mahony - L&L 103E Ph 963-1537



Lene Pedersen, Ph.D., Professor

Department of Anthropology and Museum Studies



Cultural Anthropology, Visual Anthropology, Symbolic Anthropology, Ecological Anthropology, Ritual, Social Organization, Post-Colonialism, Southeast Asia (Indonesia), Circumpolar North, Sub-Saharan Africa. Natural Resource Management.

Email: Lene Pedersen - Dean Hall, Ph. 963-3211



Assistant Professor
Department of Theatre Studies
Women and Feminist Theatre, Canadian theatre, directing practice and theory, and theatre for social changeEmail:
Assistant Professor

Department of Sociology

Inequalities, race and ethnicity, social class, gender, neighborhoods and communities, social justice, social psychology, statistics.

Email: Sarah Samblanet - Farrell Hall 425, Ph 963-2204

Christine Sutphin, Ph. D., Professor

Department of English

Interest in women writers and feminist/gender theory, including issues of diversity in U.S. women's literatureEmail: Christine Sutphin  - L&L 403-E  Ph 963-3433

Griff Tester, Ph. D.,

Assistant Professor

Inequality; urban and community sociology; gender and sexualities; aging.
Email: Griff Tester -
Farrell Hall 438, Ph 963-2005
Department of Political Science
Women & Politics, Global Feminisms, Introduction to Women Studies.
Psychology Building 413, Ph 963-2961
Assistant Professor
Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies
Women and Gender in the Early Church, Literary and Feminist Approaches to Ancient Writings, Formation of Jewish and Christian Identities in Late Antiquity, and the Place and Function of Non-canonical LiteratureEmail: Lily Vuong - L&L 337B, Ph 963-1820


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