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Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies

College of the Sciences

“Do Prisons Prevent Us from Achieving Gender and Racial Justice?”​ A Panel Discussion

Women's and Gender Studies as part of the Mass Incarceration and Social Justice Initative at CWU will host a presentation on race and masculinity in the prison system.

The prison produces and normalizes racialized gendered violence; it always has. The prison also manufactures and normalizes the racialized gendered identities that produce that violence. This conversation reflects on how racist and gender-normalizing violence produced by the prison occurs both inside and outside of prison walls, and how it contributes to our understandings of -- and assumptions about -- criminality, gender, and prison reform.
Participants are Natalie Cisneros (Seattle Univ.), Brady Heiner (Cal State-Fullerton), and Andrew Dilts (Loyola Marymount) and will be moderated by Cynthia Coe.

4 p.m. • Black Hall 150

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