CWUWenatchee EventsWenatchee Events Technology & Administrative Management (ITAM) Information Session, April 17Thu, 17 Apr 2014 13:00:00Seminars & Workshops,New Students<ul><li>This is a “drop-in” session for students who have earned an applied or technical associate’s degree and want to earn a Bachelor of Applied Science. An ITAM program representative will be available to meet with students, faculty, and advisors to answer questions about this program.</li></ul>Wednesday, April 21396468117BS Interdisciplinary Studies or IDS in Specialized Studies Information Session, April 24Thu, 24 Apr 2014 15:00:00Seminars & Workshops,New Students<p>If your career plans involve the social sciences of psychology or sociology, or if your career idea does not fit into a traditional academic program, the interdisciplinary degrees offered by CWU may be your pathway to success. The program director for CWU-Wenatchee will be on campus to explain the opportunities available in these student-designed majors.</p>Wednesday, April 21396468486