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Warning Signs

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  • Frequent unexplained absences from classes
  • Sudden drop in grades
  • Progressive preoccupation with gambling
  • Withdrawal from friends & family
  • Visible changes in behavior (e.g. mood changes, behavior problems, etc.)
  • Decline in health, increased symptoms of depression
  • Lies about engaging in gambling behavior
  • Feels compelled to chase losses
  • Feels need to increase betting amounts
  • Unsuccessful attempts to cut back or stop
  • Gambles to escape worry or problems
  • Exaggerated display of money and/or material possessions
  • Unexplained debt
  • Feast or famine cash flow


Having problems as a result of your gambling doesn’t mean you necessarily have a gambling disorder, but could signal future problems. Keep in mind that some of these behaviors could indicate other difficulties such as alcohol or drug problems. Help is available. See our resources page.

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