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Wellness Center

Special Campaigns

Scroll and view all the campaigns the Wellness Center is working on and promoting...

Photo Voice

Photo Voice represents work by a small group of students. Take a look...

Photo Voice CWU Image

Learn Something New

The Learn Something New campaign discusses little known facts and also information regarding drinking and driving. Take a look...

Learn Something New Image

Pop Culture

The Pop Culture campaign deals with students and dangerous prescription drugs. Take a look...

Pop Culture Image

Gambling Awareness

A campaign to heighten awareness of  gambling issues and ways students can have fun gambling without developing problems. Take a look: URL -or- PDF.


Did You Know? Series

Did you know is a YouTube© video series dealing with students and gambling addictions. Take a look...

Did You Know? Image

NCAA™ Choices

Most things are just better in moderation. Take a look...

NCAA Choices Image

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