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Wellness Center

Sexual Health

The CWU Wellness Center promotes sexual health and wellness by providing students with the resources and information to make healthy decisions that coincide with their personal beliefs. Students are able to make these informed decisions with a variety of accessible resources. These resources utilize both hands on and interactive educational material that is both current and relatable to students. Some programs we offer include:

  • Expect Respect (Residence Hall Program)
    • A three-night program with a focus on sexual responsibility, communication in relationships and intimate partner violence
  • Free Condom Club
    • Condoms, dental dams, female condoms, lubricant
      • Love Glove is a condom “club” offered to students, allowing them to access a variety of condoms and barrier method products
  • Healthy Relationships
  • Sexapalooza
    • An annual event that brings together different clubs and organizations on campus to educate students about safer sex practices in multi-faceted ways
  • Sexual Responsibility Week
    • Held during the week of Valentine’s Day this week promotes sexual responsibility by engaging students in unique and informal ways that are educational yet relatable
  • STI/Contraceptive Information

For more information about safer sex practices, or to talk with a peer health educator, visit the Wellness Center in SURC 139!

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