Wellness Center
Phone (509) 963- 3213
Location: SURC 256

Substance Misuse Prevention and Recovery Community Support

Within the Wellness Center, we have professional staff that offer confidential and judgement-free consultation on recovery for you, your peers, partners, or family members. Changing the norms around how we look at substance misuse and recovery is only the beginning to creating a thriving and healthy community at CWU.

The Wellness Center offers support groups, safe and confidential space for recovery gatherings, recovery ally training, and substance free events!

Stay informed by reading the 2022 Drugfree Schools and Campuses Notification

Check out the quarterly Wildcat Wellness Newsletter:

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For more information about becoming an ally or your own recovery journey, email

  • Recovery Ally Training

    The Wellness Center’s L.E.A.D. Recovery program is offering several Recovery Ally training sessions throughout the academic year to help students, faculty, and staff learn how to support people in recovery from substance use disorders and build a recovery supportive community on campus.

    The two hour-long training will provide attendees with education to better understand the process of recovery, help confront stigma related to addiction and utilize appropriate language when discussing substance use disorders. Participants will also learn about available resources at CWU and in the surrounding county and best practices to help those in need access services.

    If you are interested in registering for a training or arranging an independent training session for a group or organization, please reach out to

  • Peer Led Support Group

    These groups are open, meaning that you can join at any point in the quarter! L.E.A.D. Recovery support groups are open to all students in substance use recovery, interested in changing behaviors, those impacted by others substance use, and recovery allies. Groups are not considered therapy groups and should not be considered substance use treatment. Rather, they are a free space for students to exchange ideas and support to one another.

  • Late Night Substance Free Activities

    The Wellness Center sponsors multiple late night substance free activities and programs throughout the academic year. While these events will be advertised on social media and other forms of advertisement, the Wellness Center is also home to the “Substance Free Event” sticker available for campus use to create an atmosphere of recovery friendly spaces. Below you can find downloadable versions of the image for your use.

    Download the Substance Free Event Image (Black font)

    Substance Free Event Image (White font)

  • Recovery Resources


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