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Wellness Center

Campus Clarity

CampusClarity houses the Think About It: Turning Points program that we utilize to inform CWU students about topics such as partying smart, sexual violence, healthy relationships, and sexual health - all of which are very prevalent issues among college students today. Below are some highlights of the content. 

  • The hookup culture typical of today’s college campuses can lead to misunderstandings. Think About It: Turning Points prepares students to make informed decisions about what’s right for them.
  • Substance abuse is one of the biggest risks college students face. Think About It: Turning Points provides frank, non-judgmental coaching about drugs and alcohol so students will know what is and isn’t safe when they party.
  • Think About It: Turning Points teaches potential aggressors that sexual assault is unacceptable, and shows bystanders how to deal with potentially dangerous situations.
  • Empower students to address unhealthy relationships is critical to reducing violence. Think About It: Turning Points outlines the warning signs of unhealthy relationships so that students can recognize them and get help when they or one of their friends needs it.


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