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The Yakima WATERS Project was centered on GK-12 graduate fellows from four participating CWU graduate programs - Biology, Chemistry, Geology, and Resource Management.  Fellows worked directly with K-12 school teachers, and each fellow-teacher team was assisted by a CWU faculty mentor.  The schematic below shows the many interactions between CWU and K-12 schools that were cultivated as part of the WATERS project.  A full participant list appears below.

WATERS Participants Schematic

The interdisciplinary themes that comprise WATERS promote greater understanding of the central importance of watershed health across the region, and provide an ideal context for graduate fellows, mentors, and teachers to collaborate and conduct research

Full Participant List

Principal Investigators/School Liaison
NameCWU DepartmentParticipant Years
Carey Gazis (Lead PI)Geology2007-2013
Jennifer DechaineBiology, Science Education2010-2013
Martha KurtzChemistry, Science Education2007-2013
Beth Pratt-SitulaGeology, Science Education2007-2010
Ian QuitadamoBiology, Science Education2007-2013
Steve WagnerBiology2007-2013
Leah IrwinSchool Liaison2008-2013
Aaron RiechersSchool Liaison2007-2008


GK-12 Graduate Fellows
NameCWU Graduate ProgramParticipant Years
Kori AultBiology2007-2008
April BarrecaBiology2008-2009
Brittany  BestChemistry2008-2009
Tiffany BishopResource Management2010-2012
Meilani  Bowman-Kamaha'oGeology2011-2012
Susan BradyBiology2008-2009
Caitlyn CornellChemistry2007-2008
Erin DilworthResource Management2009-2010
Holly EaglestonResource Management2009-2010
Jessica GiblinResource Management2011-2012
Travis HammondGeology2007-2008
Sara HealasBiology2011-2012
Jonathan HegnaBiology2011-2013
Terry HellandChemistry2009-2011
Christopher HilfertyResource Management2008-2009
Renee HoltGeology2011-2012
Eric  InionsBiology2011-2012
Dale JansonsBiology2010-2011
Matt JenkinsGeology2010-2011
Jacob JohnsonChemistry2007-2008
Allison JohnsonBiology2007-2008
Kelseyanne JohnsonResource Management2011-2012
Amanda KetsdeverResource Management2008-2009
Jamie LamperthBiology2008-2009
Jennifer LannoyeBiology2009-2010
Clay LarkinsGeology2008-2009
Jack LesterBiology2009-2010
Michelle LesterBiology2009-2010
Chris MarkleyGeology2009-2010
Andy MenkingGeology2011-2013
Sarah NagorsenGeology2009-2010
Caitlin OremGeology2008-2009
Shannon OthusGeology2007-2008
Amber Palmeri-MilesBiology2010-2011
Emily ParkerGeology2007-2008
Kristina ProszekResource Management2007-2008
Melissa ReitzBiology2010-2011
Sarah RosarioChemistry2010-2011
Jamie SheahanResource Management2010-2011
Tabitha TrosperGeology2010-2011


K-12 Teachers and Schools
School, City: Names​
Teacher FocusParticipant Years
Cle Elem/Roslyn HS, Cle Elem  
Brit Ryan Biology, Chemistry2007-2009
Eric WickwireBiology2007-2009
Walter Strom MS, Cle Elem  
Lisa  BrowittMiddle Level Humanities2009-2011
Patricia GriswoldMiddle Level Science2009-2011
Dale SweetMiddle Level Science2011-2012
Thorp High School, Thorp  
Mechelle LaLanneHigh School Science2010-2011
Ellensburg HS, Ellensburg  
John ArltBiology2007-2008
Lana  CarolanBiology2008-2010
Jeff HashimotoEarth and Environmental Science2007-2008; 2011-2012
Dave HodgesChemistry2007-2009
Roger HumeBiology2009-2011
Morgan MS, Ellensburg  
Kevin DwightMiddle Level Science2008-2009; 2011-2012
Liz ZentnerMiddle Level Science2007-2008; 2010-2011
Mount Stuart ES, Ellensburg  
Cynthia BrammerElementary2009-2010
Lincoln ES, Ellensburg  
Tara AffholterElementary2007-2008; 2011-2012
Valley View ES, Ellensburg  
Lael  WrightElementary2008-2009
Selah Junior High, Selah  
Jennifer FauthMiddle Level Science2011-2012
Michael LasaterMiddle Level Science2011-2012
Jackie QuincyMiddle Level Math2010-2011
Selah Intermediate, Selah  
Ryan RangerMiddle Level Science2011-2012
Davis High School, Yakima  
Beth BaranowskiChemistry2010-2012
James KlarichChemistry, Physics2010-2012
Kelly HennesseyBiology2007-2009
Rob QuincyBiology2009-2011
Brian RichardsonBiology2008-2010
Washington MS, Yakima  
Jackie QuincyMiddle Level Science2009-2010
White Swan HS, White Swan  
Tyler RiceHigh School Science2007-2010
Harrah ES, Harrah  
Dan  EstockElementary2010-2012

NameCWU DepartmentParticipant Years
Dan  BeckBiology2010-2011
Tom CottrellBiology2009-2010
Lisa ElyGeology2007-2008; 2009-2012
Kris ErnestBiology2011-2012
Anthony GabrielGeography2008-2010
Carey GazisGeology2007-2012
Jason IrwinBiology2008-2012
Paul JamesBiology2007-2009
Anne JohansenChemistry2007-2008
James JohnsonBiology2008-2009
Susan KaspariGeology2010-2012
Martha KurtzChemistry, Science Education2007-2008
Karl LillquistGeography2008-2010
Jennifer LiptonGeography2010-2012
Mike  PeaseGeography2010-2011
Mary PoulsonBiology2011-2012
Beth Pratt-SitaulaGeology, Science Education2007-2010
Ian QuitadamoBiology, Science Education2007-2010
Dion RiveraChemistry2008-2009; 2010-2011
Tim SoreyChemistry, Science Education2009-2010
Megan  WalshGeography2011-2012
Steve WagnerBiology2007-2008; 2009-2011


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