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Public Affairs provides a wide range of video productionand editing services, for classroom content, promotional material, and advertising. A sample of these materials is available on this page, as well as on YouTube.

Public Affairs also operates KCWU Channel 15, which provides broadcast-quality coverage of major university accomplishments, scientific discovery and documentation of innovative university research. In conjunction with the City of Ellensburg, Public Affairs operates Ellensburg Community Television (ECTV, Channel 2), which invites local residents to produce video coverage of community activities and events.

Public Affairs: Linda Schactler (509-963-1384,
ECTV: Kurt Newman (509-963-3288,
KCWU: Rick Spencer (509-963-1235,
Video Production: Chris Smart (509-963-1610,

Video Streaming:
To schedule video streaming: Karen Allen (509-963-1221,

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