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Ave Verum Corpus - Chamber Choir

In June, the CWU Chamber Choir performed William Byrd's Ave Verum Corpus. This remarkable recording was made on two evenings in the rotunda of McIntyre Hall. The performances were captured with a single camera and the video was developed using eight separate takes. The beautiful sound is unaltered. The conductor is Professor Gary Weidenaar; the videographer, Allen Larsen; and the editor is graduate student Matt Woodard.

CWU’s nationally recognized Department of Music is the region's top collegiate program. It's also the largest and most diverse in the Northwest, with chamber and concert choirs; four instrumental and four vocal jazz ensembles; horn and trumpet choirs; one of the nation's leading wind symphonies; and a remarkable orchestral music program. The award-winning McIntyre Hall is the Northwest's premier collegiate music facility. Its 600-seat concert hall provides an unparalleled environment for musical performances.

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