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Waivers & Grants

Information regarding waivers and grants offered to military and first responder affiliated students at CWU is contained below. If you have questions regarding eligibility, documentation, etc., please contact the Veterans Center.

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  • Veteran Conflict Grant

    Veteran Conflict Grant/Waiver: Available (fall - spring quarters) Does not get awarded during summer quarter.

    Central Washington University (CWU) offers a Veteran Conflict Grant (amount of available grant is determined each academic year) with the following limitations and requirements:

    1. Admission to CWU
    2. DD-214 Member 4 copy [all grants are awarded on information that the Department of Defense (DOD) codes on each DD-214 - Honorable/General (Under Honorable Conditions)] (Active Duty - copy of current orders)
    3. Veteran must be a Washington State Resident.
    4. Veteran must complete the FAFSA-Financial Aid Application each year.
    5. Minimum enrollment must be halftime (6 credits).

    Can be received for up to 225 quarter credits.

  • National Guard Postsecondary Education Grant

    The National Guard Postsecondary Education Grant helps eligible, actively participating members of the Washington National Guard get an undergraduate degree or certificate. The program provides education opportunities to qualified service members and serves as an incentive to extend their Washington National Guard service.

    Participants commit to serving one year in the Washington National Guard in exchange for each year of grant funding. Combined with state and federal aid, grants can cover tuition and fees at approved colleges in Washington, as well as a portion of books and materials.

    Those interested are encouraged to reach out to their education office or recruiter for more information on good standing with the Washington National Guard. The Washington National Guard may select applicants to meet certain recruitment needs.

    The current grant was created in 2020, replacing a prior scholarship for Guard members.

    To apply, please visit WSAC National Guard

Spouse or Child

  • Veteran Dependent Tuition Waiver

    Children and spouse of totally disabled or POW/MIA or deceased eligible veterans or national guard member RCW 28B.15.621 Tuition Waiver:

    The Veteran Dependent Waiver can be received for up to 250 quarter credits. The legislature established this waiver to honor active and reserve veterans, National Guard members and their dependents. This is a mandatory tuition waiver for the children and spouse of totally disabled or POW/MIA or deceased eligible veterans or National Guard Members.

    • Child and spouse of an eligible veteran or National Guard member who became totally disabled;
    • Child and spouse of an eligible veteran or National Guard member determined to be a prisoner of war or missing in action;
    • Child and spouse of an eligible veteran or National Guard member who lost his or her life;
    • Child is defined as a biological child, adopted child, or stepchild.

    Conditions for applying for this waiver include:

    • The child and/or spouse and Veteran must be a Washington resident
    • Children must be between the age of 17 and 26 (becomes ineligible on 26th birthday)
    • A child's marital status does not affect eligibility
    • Surviving spouses have 10 years from the date of the death, total disability, or federal determination of prisoner of war or missing in action status of the eligible veteran or national guard member to receive the waiver
    • Surviving spouses are ineligible for the waiver upon remarriage
    • Each recipient's continued participation in the waiver program is subject to the colleges' satisfactory progress policy.

    Documentation: To determine eligibility, the student must submit a copy of the letter from the Department of Veterans Affairs authorizing dependent benefits (Chapter 35 Certificate of Eligibility), veteran's DD-214 showing an honorable discharge, and proof of veteran's Washington residency.

    Student Washington residency is determined by the CWU Registrar's Office.

  • Police and Firefighter Waiver

    Police and Firefighter Waiver can be received for up to 200 quarter credits.

    According to RCW 28B.15.380, children and surviving spouses of any law enforcement officer or fire fighter who lost his/her life or became totally disabled in the line of duty will receive this waiver and only if study begins within 10 years of high school graduation.

    Apply here

Financial Aid

Many of the items listed above are processed by our colleagues in the Financial Aid Office, who need you to have a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) on file. For assistance with the FAFSA and other financial aid matters, visit the Financial Aid Website. We strongly encourage our students to apply for scholarships. CWU has a scholarship database that is listed on the Scholarship Central page.